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Mariah's 1st day of preschool Aug.31st,2010

Mariah's 1st day of preschool Aug.31st,2010
my sweet lil' angel...ready and waiting for the schoolbus!!

Mariah's Preschool Orientation

Mariah's Preschool Orientation
Aug.26th, 2010

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Bunny Basket 2010

...Mariah got an easter basket at the annual fireman's easter egg hunt! She couldn't walk to hunt, but her big sister, Meagan(15yrs), helped her to pick up the eggs, and one happened to be a basket egg! Thanks Meagan for helping, since I had to work all day on Easter...I love you both!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Headed to the Hospital

...on Friday night, Mariah threw up her dinner all over, and did not sleep at all,tossed and turned,and whined/cried all night. At 4:00am, she vomitted again, and continued to vomit on saturday morning and afternoon. She had a temp. of 102.4, vomitting, and whining in my motherly instinct was to take her in. Thank goodness I did! After being in the E.R. for 4 hours, with an I.V. started, a UTI performed, blood drawn, and a CT scan of the stomach and intestines...they diagnosed her with Mesenteric Lymphadenitis. There are lymph nodes in our intestines, and Mariah's were inflammed...causing her temp., vomitting, and pain(similar to appendicitis, they ruled that out). Needless to say, they admitted her to the hospital for observation overnite, gave her fluids,an antibiotic, and pain reliever...finally she started to feel better. We got discharged on Sunday afternoon. Thank you to Dr. McNeal, St. Rita's and staff. Note to mothers: Trust your instincts, we know our children best, and know when something is not just right! Even if our rett angels can't tell us how they feel, they still let us know, somehow....

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

New Big Girl Haircut!

Today, Wednesday, Mariah got a new shorter, haircut...stacked up in the back and angled down to longer sides. She looks so adorable. She has a big girl haircut! Thank you, Lisa Pardo, at Revitalize Spa.

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...On Monday night, I took Mariah to Northwest Physical Therapy, and we went into the 4 ft. therapy pool. What a great time we had. She absolutely loved the water! She was kicking and splashing, smiling and giggling. It was good exercise for both of us, and a great time for some one-on-one mommy/daughter bonding time. We were in the pool for a half hour, it was absolutely awesome! We will be doing this many more times in the future.